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“I hired Sharí for a 2-hour coaching session and follow up phone call to help me with my presentation influence. I was struggling with some speaking apprehension and knew that I could do better. Sharí’s expertise unlocked the challenges I was facing.

Since my time with Sharí, I have since been promoted into a position where I am giving presentation practically daily. She gave me clear actionable steps that I continue to use to this day. I would recommend Sharí to executives, directors, managers, and sales associates of all sorts. Her coaching is powerful, direct, and tailored to your strengths and personality. Hands down, she’s a great coach!”

Jim Nation
South Area Healthcare Accounts Manager

Shari illustrates ways to enhance awareness and identify those cues which will enable you to break-through communication barriers to build stronger connections. Working with Shari is an empowering experience leaving you feeling inspired and equipped to make a big impact in your world!

Shari brings clarity around what it means “to be influential” – anyone can acquire the skills. You also find an increased sense of self awareness – an empowering and enlightening journey!

Shaina Baskett

“Sharí's fascination with influence has led her to interview highly influential experts. FBI agents, CIA agents, and trial attorney’s for example.

If you’re seeking a corporate speaker, looking for an in-house workshop for your team, desiring to improve upon your speech or presentation, or simply desiring to improve yourself then you must connect with Sharí.”

Joe Stauffacher
Marketing Consultant

Observe Connect Influence
"Bringing the Dark Arts of Influence into the Light."

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