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Every moment people send subtle signals about what they are really thinking and feeling. Heightened  observational skills and knowing what to look for will open your eyes to the layers of information that so many other miss.


Connection is the cornerstone of influence. Leveraging the many ways to create connection and develop rapport are essential to being influential.


Time-tested, proven influential techniques can mean the difference between being powerfully persuasive or not. Be confident for every  important or stressful conversation. 

Shari Alexander headshot sittingThe Influential Difference

Influence is a term often associated with getting what you want at another’s expense. Sharí Alexander’s teachings and philosophies are very different than your typical ego-driven approaches to influence. Sharí’s approach is holistic, compassionate, and practical for every kind of conversation. She explores all areas of influence and shares the foundational information that you won’t find anywhere else.


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