Better Meetings Made Easy

Better Meetings Made Easy

I have to confess something. I hate pointless meetings. I'm sure I'm not alone in this and yet there are thousands of meetings happening right now and I'd bet that more than half of them are filled with bored, demoralized, and disgruntled employees. If you don't want people dreading the idea of sitting in your next meeting, then I highly recommend that you watch my latest video: Better and More Memorable Meetings.

How to End a Meeting: 3 Tips for the Last 5 Minutes
How to Start a Meeting: 3 Tips for the First 5 Minutes
6 Easy Ways to Make Meetings Fun -- Or At Least, Not Suck [Entrepreneur]


  • Ben Austin

    I should share this with a few coworkers :)

    Whenever I’m running a meeting I always keep it to 15 minutes. 30 Max.

    People have a funny habit of filling the time no matter how long the meeting is.




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