How to Create Your Influential Team


What does an Influential Team look like?

As you probably know, my work and the writings of this blog are all about closing the gap between the world’s best influencers and entrepreneurial leaders.

And, there has been one key element that I have yet to share with you - one thing that the best influencers have that entrepreneurial leaders don’t know about and struggle finding.

I’ve regularly talked about how to be influential, you need to observe your mark to find your influential hooks. I’ve even created an Influential Profiling Tool to help you with your observations. The idea behind the tool was sparked from my interviews with CIA operatives.

When an agent is given the mission to turn an asset, they spend weeks, even months, just observing the mark and building a dossier on them - their likes, dislikes, the people they interact with, their weekly habits, the types of clothes they wear, … you name it. The profiler tool is a condensed version for us “normal folk” to help identify your mark’s influential psychology.

But what I haven’t explained in more detail is how the agent utilizes their dossier. ... Continue Reading

What Good People Can Learn from Con-Artists: Bringing the Dark Arts of Influence into the Light

Why are we so drawn to the con-artists in film and television?

The true story of Catch Me If You Can had us in awe at Frank Abignale’s ability to become anyone - from an airline pilot, to a doctor, to a lawyer.con pics

And who didn’t fall in love with Robert Redford and Paul Newman in The Sting? The catchy tune alone has you hooked.

The show Leverage gives us the full variety of con-artist archetypes - the mastermind, the grifter, the thief, the muscle, and the hacker.

These Hollywood versions of con-artists are compelling, romantic, and a bit inspiring. We watch these Robin Hood-esque heroes pull off impressive feats by using their wits, intelligent planning, and adaptability. We daydream about having equally convincing cunning.

Of course, the real life versions of the folklore is less glamorous. Con-artists are usually forged in difficult and dangerous upbringings. Their charm is a survival technique that turns into delinquent asset. And any glamorous lifestyle they might accumulate dissolves when they take their mugshot.

con artist

For example, a career con-artist's reign recently ended with a new orange jumpsuit. William Douglas Street has been called "The Great Imposter." Living a life in a Catch Me If You Can style, Street impersonated individuals from a drycleaner to a Major League baseball player.

He was convincing, but for all the wrong motives.

With that said, there is no denying that a con-artist’s skills are highly valuable. If you take away the schemes, lies, and aliases, what you have left is someone who knows how to set a plan in motion by recruiting and motivating people to take action using advanced communication skills.

Something is wrong when a con-artist knows more about persuasiveness than leaders.

So, what can us moral and ethical folk learn from these deviant, disreputable con-artists? Well, quite a bit, actually. ... Continue Reading

How to Be Influential: A Discussion

shari and isaac

I'm so happy to share this interview I did with Dr. Isaac Jones from Superhuman Entrepreneur on how to be influential. We talk about EVERYTHING - body language, observational skills, elicitation, influential techniques, and so much more!

You can check out the interview on his page with the show notes and other download options, or listen in here:

... Continue Reading

Unexpected Qualities of an Influencer

What comes to mind when you think of a conversational influencer? Someone like a CIA agent or a con-artist? Does the image of that person in your mind have more shadows surrounding them? Perhaps they are lurking in the corner of a dark alley and you can only see their shadowed profile. How would you

The Origin Story of Your Influential Superhero

The power to sway someone’s decisions is an exciting notion. On opening night of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I had dinner with the former Chief Marketing Officer of Marvel Studios. We regularly get together to catch up, talk about our businesses, geek out over the Marvel universe, and, as per usual, I try to get

Conquering the Post-New Year’s Blues

This year, my New Year’s Eve wasn’t spent in a fancy gown, drinking champagne, and watching fireworks. Instead, I was home in front of the fireplace, writing, reflecting, and planning. Oh. And there was a glass of wine, of course. After midnight struck, I promptly curled up in bed at 12:03 feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and

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"Bringing the Dark Arts of Influence into the Light."

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