Leadership, Communication, and Appreciation: An Interview with Mark Sanborn

I remember the first time I met Mark Sanborn. He was delivering a half-day presentation at a University in my city. At the time I was the President Elect for a state chapter of the National Speakers Association. When I heard that Mark was speaking in my neck of the woods, I thought there was a slim chance I could meet him if I named-dropped my NSA connection.

Amazingly, it worked.

He came out to meet me in the lobby of the venue an hour before his speech. What I remember most was my astonishment that he actually asked me questions. This is not a common with speakers. They usually like to do all the talking. But, Mark was genuinely interested in what I had to say.

I thought, "Well, even if this guy's presentation sucks, I'm still happy I met him."

Thankfully, in addition to being a great guy, he is a phenomenal speaker. I was franticly taking notes the entire time he spoke. One sentence after the next was gold! My chicken scratch had chicken scratch because I was writing so fast.

I was extremely impressed by how well-read, articulate, and authentic he was on the platform. There was no doubt in my mind why he was in the big leagues of speaking.

So, when I wanted to bring in a guest to discuss leadership, there was only one man who came to mind. Mark Sanborn. I hope you enjoy this brief interview as much as I did. In typical Sanborn style, every word is gold.


Mark Sanborn Site

Fred 2.0 book

Sharí's Takeaways:

  • Communication is a key component for leadership.
  • Mark's book The Fred Factor is about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary by creating value through passion, creativity, and commitment.
  • Leaders lead with their words and their actions. Teams will mimic what they see more than do what you say. This is very similar to my discussion with Lou Heckler.
  • We systematize important things. Having a solid system for recognition isn't a bad idea. It can still be genuine and sincere, even if it's not as spontaneous. Mark shares a system for appreciation that one powerful CEO uses for his large company.
  • Effective communication is being heard, understood, and getting the other person to take action. You must give compelling reasons for them to act.
  • Leaders tell their people what to do, but often forget about the why.
  • Mark mentions a famous Jim Cathcart quote, "To know more, notice more."
  • http://www.MyMiBoSo.com/ Sabrina

    Systemizing important things is a great point, as I have a reminder system in place to contact key people on a periodic basis (potential clients, current clients, potential business partners). Rather than being sporadic and “hope” I remember, I have email reminders set up to make sure I do!

  • Jake Meyer

    The military uses the idea of rewards and everybody else is the eyes and ears for these rewards. Mark brings up great points but with things like that will bring out both the best in a person and the worst in a person.

  • http://joestauffacher.com/ Joe Stauffacher

    Fred 2.0 just came in the mail. :)

    Thanks for sharing the interview.

    • http://www.observeconnectinfluence.com/ Sharí Alexander





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