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Speak it. Write it. Profit.

Influential Techniques, Mindset, and Strategies for Leaders

Don’t Let Your Words Fall Flat…

If you don’t know why more people aren’t paying attention or taking action, it’s time to examine your messaging. Lacking persuasive know-how can crush a business and a career. Leveling-up your communication skills means leveling-up professionally and personally.

…Find Your Influential Message

Today’s multi-channel marketplace demands all leaders to communicate persuasively across multiple platforms. With Sharí you can craft a persuasive message that aligns with you, your brand, your goals, your strengths, and your target audience. Build your skills and discover your influential strategies.

Results with Your Words:

Thought Leadership, Influential Communication, Business Growth

Find the message that serves your people and serves your business.

About Sharí

Sharí’s career in influence started with a fascination for the power of language. Seeking to understand the techniques and mindset needed to be influential, Sharí interviewed the world’s best influencers – including, CIA field operatives, military intelligence officers, undercover law enforcement, hostage negotiators, and more. Since then, Sharí has been hired by a variety of businesses to be their influential communication strategist for sales, marketing, and leadership.

What People are Saying

“Sharí presents the nebulous concept of influence with such clarity that everyone walks away with specific steps on how to level-up their own persuasive skills…and feel inspired to do so! Everyone can learn something from her programs.”

– Mary Rogers
Directory of Sales | Cox Media Group


“Working with Sharí has 10x my results, multiple times. I do comparisons of pre-Sharí and have tracked what we have accomplished together. Going from 2 or 3 leads at conferences to 30, 40, 50+. Thanks to her trusted advice we have increased revenue 62% YTD. Sharí has helped me craft keynote speeches that drive leads, coordinated our online and offline marketing campaigns, and helped us stand out in our industry with her creative and customer-focused strategies. I’ve happily recommended Sharí to friends and colleagues and consider her work a valued investment.”

Jeremy Neuharth
Co-founder | Sycorr


“Within the first 2 videos of Sharí’s course, I got my ROI. I have revisited Sharí’s teachings many times because they continue to provide value and insight in our sales processes. I recall Sharí’s models when I’m talking with prospects, working with customers, and as I lead my team. Her perspectives on influential communication can arguably apply in every area of business.”

Steve Keck
Sales, Culture, & Talent Consultant | Span the Chasm


“Working with Sharí has 10x my results, multiple times. I do comparisons of pre-Sharí and have tracked what we have accomplished together.”

– Jeremy Neuharth
Co-founder | Sycorr

Influence Consulting

for Entrepreneurs

In an attention-diverting world, it’s even challenging to be heard above the noise. Your business’s success depends on your ability to communicate persuasively, and across multiple platforms. Find out how Sharí’s integrative approach to communication consulting can help you find your influential messaging.

for Executives

A leader cannot ignore the importance of communication and its power to guide teams to success. Executive leadership is a balancing act of being persuasive in person, online, and in presentations – across a diverse audience of direct reports, colleagues, and stakeholders. As your trusted advisor, Sharí can help you grow as a leader and succeed as a team.

Influence Intensives

If you’re not looking to commit to a full coaching program, but instead are seeking help for a specific project, then an Influence Intensive package might be exactly what you’re looking for. Craft your ideal message and strategy with Sharí so you can find the perfect words, quickly!

Featured In

Influence Keynotes & Workshops

Your audience is faced with influential opportunities every day. But do they know how to capitalize on them? Sharí’s speeches will teach your group the frameworks, mindset, and specific techniques to help them be more influential in business and life.

Ready to find your influential message?

Incorporate influential strategies that are aligned for your business, your brand, and your target audience.

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The “OMG!” Productivity & Creativity Habit I’m LOVING

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