Executive Coaching

Executive Influence:

Strategy for Everyday Communication

Executives are pulled in many directions. Expectations are high. Your people turn to you for answers, inspiration, and results. From your bosses and your team, to customers and stakeholders, everyone expects you to step up and lead. And it’s not always easy. Here are just some of the communication and influence demands every executive faces:


Leading higher levels of teams to higher levels of success


Delivering critical presentations to stakeholders


Building rapport and trust with clients


Navigating the politics and personalities of your company


Shaping your organizational culture


Earning the recognition and respect of decision makers

Each of these require daily practices and a mindset for influential communication. It requires observation, goal setting, self-awareness, and communication adaptability. Sharí’s executive coaching helps you get clarity and focus on your big picture goals, while working with you collaboratively on the specific tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

360º Communication Consulting

Our influential communication coaching begins by setting goals in these key areas.

Professional Goals

Here we determine your career-advancing moves. Would you like to be a keynote speaker at an industry conference? Would you like to build your network and gain access to key players? Do you want to set yourself up to be “the ideal candidate” for a specific position? This is where we set our sights on your trajectory.

Company Goals

As we advance your professional achievements, we must balance it with the goals already set for you by your organization. Together we’ll make sure you meet and exceed their expectations of you.

Team Goals

You have hopes and goals for your team members, just as much as you do for yourself. Influential communication can help you facilitate your team’s growth, setting them up for their own professional successes.

Personal Goals

Many intrinsic rewards come from communication coaching. Whether it’s getting over limiting beliefs, finding new confidence in a project, or gaining insights into yourself and those around you, we’ll identify the intangible rewards you seek through this process.


For When Your Words Matter Most

Coaching is a done-with-you process. In addition to being your trusted advisor, Sharí will also be your wordsmith when needed. Together you will collaborate on the details of key communication opportunities. Including, but not limited to:



Be persuasive if you’re addressing a group in person or online


Client Relations

Preparing for critical conversations and keeping customers happy


Team Interactions

Manage personalities, conflict, and building a cohesive team


Meeting Strategy

Create successful structures and dynamics for your team meetings


Personal Branding

Be recognized and respected through your communication efforts online and within the organization


Influential Mindset

Identify which patterns and perspectives serve you, and which ones don’t

Ready to find your influential message?

Incorporate influential strategies that are aligned for your business, your brand, and your target audience.

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