Influence Intensives

When you need the best words, quickly.

What is an Influence Intensive?

The Influence Intensive is a workshop-style consultation package. Designed to help you accomplish a specific project, Sharí guides you through the creative and strategic process for crafting your message with an influential strategy.

Use an Influence Intensive for when your words matter most.

Whether you’ve been putting off a marketing project you know you should do (email funnels perhaps?) or you want to leverage an opportunity with a looming deadline (like an important speech), the Influence Intensive is what you need.

What is Included in an Influence Intensive?

Objective-Setting Consult

Together we set clear objectives for your Influence Intensive Experience. We define what a win looks like for the specific project that needs message improvement.


Assessment & Review

Between the objective-setting consult and your VIP workshop, Sharí will review your related marketing and sales materials, providing feedback and identifying opportunities for improvements.


This half-day experience is your personal, guided workshop to focus on a project, collaborate with a professional wordsmith, and build a result-driven message strategy. (VIP Days can be done virtually or on site).


Follow Up

After your workshop, you will have a follow up session with Sharí to help you as you implement your work.


All of your Influence Intensive sessions are recorded and made available for you to review anytime.

Types of Influence Intensives


  • Target Market Avatar Deep Dive – Whether you want to market better to your current target market or you’re breaking into a new target market, this Intensive is well worth your time. This process is the foundation for all of your sales and marketing strategies. Understanding your target market better than you ever have before. Build a marketing strategy that captures their attention and motivates them to action.


  • Marketing/Content strategy for a specific product or service process by improving a current Email Funnel or building a new one


  • Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy – Turn your knowledge into your ideal content marketing strategy. Build your editorial calendar with outlined content and clear calls to action in your:
    • Social media
    • Articles/Blogs/Newsletters
    • Videos
    • Lead Magnets
    • Etc.
  • Email Funnel Improvements – Build better automation into your sales and marketing. Scale your efforts with an influential email funnel. Whether you’re improving a current funnel or building a new one, this intensive will help you find more scalability in your business.


  • Strategic Speeches, Pitches, & Webinars – Get more business opportunities with every presentation you deliver. Whether you want to see better results with your current speech or you’re crafting a new one, Sharí will make sure that your presentation serves your audience and serves your business.


  • Custom: Clients have used Influence intensives for many reasons – like creating a conference sponsorship/booth strategy, improving a client onboarding process, and much more. If you have a project in mind for your Influence Intensive that’s not listed here, feel free to apply and ask Sharí if your project is a fit for this coaching format.
  • Strategic Speeches, Pitches, & Trainings – Make the most out of your speaking opportunities. Whether you’re presenting to the board, pitching to investors, or getting your team on board for a new initiative, this Influence Intensive will set your up for success. Discover how to organize your speech to make it compelling, memorable, and drive action from your audience. 


  • Meeting Strategy – Lead meetings that build camaraderie, raise morale, and – most importantly – not waste time. There are many ways to structure your meetings to best fit your objectives, your leadership style, and your team members’ personalities. Create the meetings you wish you’ve always had.  


  • Team Motivations Deep Dive – The best thing any leader can do is to understand their team and a catalyst for bringing out their best. This Influence Intensive will help you see your team members in a new light – their differences, their strengths, and their friction points. After this intensive you can anticipate their needs and adjust your communication approach to lead the best team possible. 


  • Personal Branding Strategy – Wanting to become the go-to person for your organization or in your industry? Sign up for this Influence Intensive! Collaborate with Sharí to find your best action steps and communication channels to be seen, be known, and be trusted. Having a strong personal brand gives you the platform and leverage to build your career. 


  • Custom: Clients have used Influence intensives for many reasons – like resolving conflict with colleagues and bosses, enhancing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, crafting a networking strategy at important events and much more.  If you have a project in mind for your Influence Intensive that’s not listed here, feel free to apply and ask Sharí if your project is a fit for this coaching format.

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Incorporate influential strategies that are aligned for your business, your brand, and your target audience.

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