Looking Sexy

Dating Body LanguageI like a good chuckle from Facebook just like anyone else. I thought that this meme presented a nice opportunity to demonstrate a few interesting points about body language, context, and seeing the big picture. So, let’s just jump right into it.

First, read the caption on the pic.

Did that? Good.

Whether you laughed or not, or if you find the model cute or not (which, um, I do) you can still learn a thing or two about body language and perception. Plus, this post might just help you amplify your sexiness by a notch or two. Bonus!

Let’s break it down.

Man on on the left is clearly more sexy and enticing, but why? Is it the beard? Maybe, but there a few tricks being pulled in the photo.


Man on left is more dimly lit than the others. The phrase is “tall, dark, and handsome” for a reason. Compare it to the other two pictures with painfully glaring lighter patches on his chest, exposing a slightly odd tan line and man on left is winning the sexy competition.

Where to Look

The man on the left is the only picture out of all three where he is not looking directly into the camera. His gaze in the distance makes him look deep, desirable, delicious. “Hey hottie. Whatchya lookin’ at over there?”

Mouth Breathers

Here’s the point I really wanted to make. Guy on left, lips together. Guy on right, lips parted.

Closed mouth = confidence, sexy.

Open mouth = dimwitted, weak, not cool.

I’m thinking that the creepy factor of the middle guy is amplified by his slight smirk. Doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzy feeling you’re looking for.

What Did We Learn?

If you want to look sexy, have good lighting and shut your mouth. 😉 (I kid, I kid … but….seriously… there’s some truth to this.)




  1. Jake Meyer

    I have two thoughts on this. I can only choose between a mustache and no mustache. Which is better? Also muttonchops make you look awesome, that should be on there also.

  2. Marty Coleman

    Spot on with your evaluation Shari! Jake, Muttonchops are good if you are a long dead President from about 1890, otherwise NO.

  3. Sabrina

    Ooo, I’m always interested in new ways to up my “body language” game – as I feel awkward or extremely happy are the only 2 “looks” I’ve mastered so far. Of course having “confident” energy is a prerequisite – but it’s nice to know there are tricks of the trade to show the confidence more clearly on my face as well!

  4. Rog Law

    You just saved me from a future filled with taking awkward, unsexy pictures. At least I have the tall and dark thing going for me now.

    My other takeaway from this is that, according to Beardology 101, Wolverine may be the sexiest man alive.

  5. Joe Stauffacher

    Do you provide consultations for photographers too? 🙂

    Love the breakdown. So do you really find him sexier with or without the beard minus all the factors you’re consciously aware of.

    • Sharí Alexander

      Hmmm. That’s a GREAT question. It’s so difficult to ignore subconscious hardwiring. I might have to still go with beard.

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